Making the Cut: Kicking it with Duluth East

Nick Tries Out for the Duluth East Soccer Team

“Hey everybody is this week’s ‘Making the Cut’ I am at Duluth East High School with the reigning Section 7AA champ Greyhounds. I’m joined by coach Bremer. Coach, you guys are the reigning champs, what are you looking for in your players that you want to see on the field, to make your team?”

“Well, when we’re going through tryouts some of the things we look for are shooting, passing, dribbling and things like that. Positioning, communication, hustle, all of those things factor in when we’re looking at players to make the cut.”

“So today, what are we going to be doing and what kind of drills and I going to go through to try to make the team?”

“Today we’re going to take you through a normal practice. Go through a warm up. Start with touches, left foot, some volleys, some headers. Then we’ll build into some more small sided play and eventually get into some more large scale play, like scrimmaging.”

“Perfect, guys this is going to be an intense day. I haven’t really played soccer that much, so it’s going to be off our left foot to see how this day goes. Let’s see if I can make the cut for the Duluth East Greyhounds.”

“I’m going to struggle in this one. Oh boy.”

“If someone is coming at you, you want with your ball to keep it out of the square and play it to someone else on your team.”

“Playing a little scrimmage action right here. See if everything I’ve done so far today actually has paid off. It’s going to be the last chance I have to make the cut. Here we go.”

“Hey Northland back out here on the soccer fields. Just finished up a day of practice with the reigning Section 7AA section champs, Duluth East Greyhounds. Coach, I did some headers, I tried to kick it into the net, what did you like and what do you think I can improve on?”

“Well the work ethic and the hustle is definitely there. I think you got one goal out there so that was nice to see. Some things we can definitely work on is our touch wasn’t quite there for a lot of it. Probably the use of both feet and really some positioning and spacing type of issues which is some things that come with time and seeing the field.”

“Perfect. So big question, did I make the cut of your team?”

“You know this year, we’ve got a lot of talent out there and I just don’t think we got a roster spot for you this year. We appreciate you coming out.”

“It was a lot of fun today, that’s for letting me practice with your guys team. Good luck the rest of the year, guys didn’t make the cut for the Duluth East Greyhounds but you know what, they are a lot better than I am so that’s probably for the best.”

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