Minneapolis Police Shut Down Protest

Minneapolis police shut down a Black Lives Matter protest outside out of the police station Wednesday. 

Some protesters have been camped out for days  in front of the 4th precinct in response to the deadly officer-involved shooting of Jamar Clark. 

Police say the removal of the protesters was limited to clearing the entryway. 

Police Chief Janee Harteau said the department received multiple complaints from residents who were unable to gain entry to speak with officers because the protesters were blocking the entrance. 

Around 18 tents remain set up outside of the police station.  Harteau says authorities have no plans to clear the tents or stop the protests as long as they stay peaceful. 

Protesters are calling for the release of any video showing the shooting and what led up to it.

Witnesses have said that Clark was handcuffed when he was shot, however police and state investigators have disputed that. 

24-year-old Jamar Clark was shot in the head by Minneapolis police Sunday. He died Monday after being taken off of life support.  

Police say Clark was a suspect in a domestic assault and was shot after allegedly interfering with paramedics who were trying to provide first aid to the victim. 

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension released the identities of the officers involved in the shooting. 

Mark Ringennberg and Dustin Schwarze were involved in shooting Clark.  The two men have been with the Minneapolis Police Department a little over a year. 

Shwarze was an officer in Richfield for almost six years.  Ringennberg joined the force after working in San Diego and two suburban departments for six years. 

According to court documents, Ringennberg and another San Diego officer were accused of using excessive force in 2012.   A federal civil rights lawsuit was settled with the victim. 

A federal civil rights investigation has been launched into Clark’s death. 

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