Nursing Shortage, Car Giveaway Improves Morale

Chris Jensen Rehabilitation Center

From hospitals to clinics and even long-term care facilities there’s a shortage of healthcare workers nationwide.

It’s gotten so bad at a healthcare center in Duluth the facility has offered car and trip giveaways to raise morale among current employees.

It’s a startling statistic according to the Minnesota Hospital Association nationally 74-percent of health organizations have problems attracting nurses and other critical skilled employees.

Chris Jensen Rehabilitation Center is one of many organizations looking to fill positions.
Health Dimensions Group manages Chris Jensen and its CEO said it has been a struggle to get employees to work due to the shortage.

Once the company realized how low morale was they put an incentive plant into action: a chance to employees to win a Chevy Cruze and a trip.

We can’t give a car away every month, but we are giving away other incentives moving forward that will probably be focused on a six month timeframe and some of the ideas we have are maybe snowmobiles, ATVS, boats,” said Sergei Shvetzoff the CEO of Health Dimensions Group.

The company said it will keep the incentive plans going, but what really needs to happen throughout the entire healthcare industry is for more people to go into the field and fill the open positions.

“The demand is huge and we are already seeing the baby boomers come in and in another ten years and it will be in the 100’s of thousands of people that we need in healthcare to take care of the people that are hitting the healthcare needs,” said Ed Brady with Chris Jensen.

Brady is urging anyone who truly enjoys the company of other people to get involved in Healthcare, he said it is a truly rewarding career. 

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