Jonesin’ for Java: Part Three

In the final installment of our special report, ‘Jonesin’ for Java’ FOX 21’s Travis Patterson checks out a fast paced Italian-like café at Duluth Coffee Company.

Duluth Coffee Company had its humble beginnings, selling coffee out the back of a pickup truck at farmers markets, the first of which was Barker’s Island.

“To really cultivate the coffee scene we had to show people a tangible and real Duluth Coffee Company experience so we wanted them to come into our doors to feel the vibe of Duluth Coffee to feel a coffee culture that encompasses you,” said owner, Eric Faust.

Duluth Coffee Company’s take on coffee comes down to a synergistic relationship between the Northland and quality.

Duluth’s vibe hits you right as you walk through the door with an atmosphere much like an industrial Italian coffee shop, and Eric drew from experiences in Italy getting ramped up in the fast paced battlegrounds often found in Italian cafés.

“I love that culture, a lot of the reason why we have those tall bars and tall stools and long countertops is because we wanted that fee of an Italian style different, not just squishy couches.

Through his venue, Eric pursues his passion of artisan coffee and has found a team riding that train with him in a community that demands and literally drinks up local art.

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