Fire Deaths on the Rise in Minnesota

Firefighters in Minnesota are concerned after fire fatalities so far this year have already surpassed last year’s numbers. 

So far in 2015, 46 people have died in fires in Minnesota, compared to 44 in all of 2014. There were 41 deaths at this time last year. 

Statistically, the next few months are the most deadly for residential fires. 

Cooking, heating, and open flames are the top three factors in fires during the holiday season and winter months. 

Minnesota State Fire Marshal Bruce West is asking for the public’s help in preventing residential fires and fire fatalities this year. 

Here are some tips to keep your home and family safe this holiday season:


-Never leave a hot stovetop or oven unattended

-Smother a stovetop grease fire with a pan lid and turn off the burner


-Keep space heaters three feet from anything combustible

-Do not leave space heaters unattended and turn them off while you’re sleeping


-Leave three feet between a candle and anything that can burn; use flameless candles

-Holiday decorations are combustible. Keep them three feet from any fuel source. 

-Never burn gift wrap in a fireplace; it burns too fast and hot to be controlled

Since 1990, there has been an average of 81 house fires over the Thanksgiving weekend, and 187 house fires between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Last year, 20 of Minnesota’s 44 fire deaths occurred during the cold-weather months. 

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