Long Term Rivals Meet On Field

Border War When Packers Play Vikings

Wisconsin and Minnesota share a border but they also share a division, creating a perfect storm for fans to go head to head.

Although it’s all in good fun it can be rough on people like Cortney who lives in Minnesota but crosses over to Wisconsin for work.

“It’s kind of rough sometimes they give me a hard time sometimes because i’m usually the only one in here in purple,” said Cortney Erchul, a Vikings fan.

For others they don’t dare cross the state line when the two teams meet.

“I know that i would never wear a packer outfit to go over to Minnesota and watch the packers and vikings, i just wouldn’t do that because i’m not an instigator,” said Bob Kolbe, a Packers fan.

It’s easy to see both teams have a passionate fan base but something an outsider might not know.

“Vikings fans might be a little more friendly when it comes to the rivalry than the packers fans,” said Erchul.

Green Bay may have come out on top this time but these two aren’t done with each other yet Packers and Vikings will be meeting one more time this season in January.

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