NTSB: Overweight Plane, High Levels of Cold Medicine Contributed to Fatal Duluth Plane Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board has release it’s final report into a fatal plane crash off Brighton Beach in June of 2014. 

47-year-old Alexander Obersteg died when his plane went into Lake Superior. 

According to the NTSB, Obersteg consumed too much cold medicine, and the plane was more than 500 pounds overweight when it crashed. 

The report also cited problem’s with the plane’s primary flight display, which the NTSB says showed wrong information regarding airspeed, bank angle, heading, wind speed, and wind direction.   Flight data showed the plane flying straight and level when the radar track indicated it was actually turning. The wrong information would have made it difficult for the pilot to control and navigate the plane in the poor weather conditions. 

The plane took off from the Duluth Airport headed to Germany and crashed just five minutes after departure.  

The Duluth Airport Tower reported the plane suddenly lost altitude and plunged into Lake Superior, a mile off shore near Brighton Beach. 

Bad weather hampered recovery efforts following the crash.  

The wreckage was pulled from Lake Superior two weeks later. 

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