Duluth Begins Partnership with New Sister City

Duluth's New Sister City: Rania, Iraqi, Kurdistan

Monday, the City of Duluth got a new sister city.

That city is Rania, Iraqi, Kurdistan.

The goal of the sister cities program is to create true understanding between people and nations.

Some say it’s monumental to create a relationship with a country in the Middle East.

“In those differences are strengths that when used for the betterment of the common good, the human spirit is just invincible,” said Michele Naar-Obed, a citizen of Duluth who has lived in Rania and has gotten to know many in the community there.

She also tells us it sends a clear message during the conflict that is currently happening in the world.

“We have said we embrace each other as friends. We will not push you away because you’re different or because you come from a part of the world where a lot of violence is occurring and a lot of chaos is occurring,” said Naar-Obed.  

Duluth has been involved with the sister cities program since 1986 and has partnerships with five cities around the globe.

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