New Details Released in Duluth Police Officer Domestic Assault Case

Court documents reveal new details into an alleged domestic assault by a Duluth Police officer. 

37-year-old Todd Kuusisto was charged Tuesday with 5th degree domestic assault. 

The alleged assault took place early Sunday morning.  The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 report of an erratic driver near Highway 35 and Midway Road. 

While investigating that report, a woman standing on the side of the road flagged down a deputy.  The woman appeared to have injuries. 

The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office notified the Duluth Police Department of the incident and said they had probable cause to arrest Kuusisto for domestic assault. 

He was arrested Sunday and later released.  

In a letter filed with the court Tuesday, the alleged victim of the assault said the two are in a relationship.  She asked the court to lift the order of protection issued following the incident, saying that she does not feel like she is in any harm around Kuusisto.  

She wrote that she was unsure of the details of the incident because “it happened so quickly”.   She says there was an argument, and Kuusisto punched his mirror and windshield.  The woman said it was probably the mirror that hit her in the face. 

She called the whole incident a “miscommunication” on both ends.  

The woman said that Kuusisto is currently being treated for PTSD, anxiety and depression, and that the duo are attending couple’s counseling.  She told the court that if she doesn’t help Kuusisto through this, that he will not continue to go. 

Kuusisto has been placed on administrative leave and stripped of his police powers pending the outcome of the investigation. 

He is set to be back in court on December 3. 

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