President Obama: No Specific or Credible Threat to the U.S.

President Barack Obama says there is currently no specific or credible intelligence that would indicate a potential terrorist plot in the U.S. during the holidays. 

Speaking from the White House Wednesday, Obama says that his administration is taking “every possible step” to keep the country safe. 

He said that if there were to be a credible threat, the public would be informed. 

President Obama says that its understandable that the public is worried that attacks like the ones in Paris could happen here.  However, he’s encouraging people to go about their normal life this holiday season. 

He says the U.S. Military and it’s partners have conducted more than 8,000 airstrikes on ISIL strongholds and equipment.  Some of the airstrikes have taken out key extremist leaders.  

“We’re stepping up the pressure on ISIL where it lives and we will not let up, adjusting our tactics where necessary, until they are beaten,” said Obama. 

Obama met with the National Security team in the Situation Room Wednesday morning.  

Despite there being no threat, Obama wanted to review efforts to monitor threats and evaluate security procedures heading into the busy holiday travel season. 

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