Two Suspects in Minneapolis Protester Shooting Connected to the Northland

Three suspects are in custody in connection to the shooting of Black Lives Protesters in Minneapolis. 

Two of the suspects have ties to the Northland. 

According to the Star Tribune, 21-year-old Nathan Gustavsson of Hermantown and 26-year-old Daniel Macey, of Pine City, turned themselves into police Tuesday.  Both are being held at the Hennepin County Jail on assault charges. 

23-year-old Allen Scarsella III, of Lakeville, was also arrested Tuesday in Bloomington.  Police arrested and later released a 32-year-old man from Minneapolis, who they determined was not at the shooting scene. 

The suspects are facing charges in connection to the shooting of five protesters Monday night.  All five were treated for non-life threatening injuries. 

Protesters have been camped outside of the Minneapolis 4th Police Precinct for more than a week following the shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark.  

According to the Star Tribune, protesters confronted the masked men, who they called “white supremacists” in an effort to force them from the protest area.  According to an interview with two men following the shooting, the group demanded that the men remove their masks.  When they refused, a fight broke out.  Demonstrators were trying to push the men out when shots were fired. 

A YouTube video shows the alleged suspects driving down Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis last week.   The driver, who identifies himself as “SaigaMarine” flashed a gun and made some racial slurs before saying the men were heading to the Black Lives Matter protest outside of the 4th precinct.

Their goal, he said, was “a little reverse cultural enriching.” 

You can watch the full YouTube here.

According to the Star Tribune, another YouTube video was posted Tuesday. The six-minute video, believed to have been filmed by the shooting suspects, shows them approaching the protester’s camp outside of the Fourth Precinct.  The men were confronted by a group of men and women, some who were later shot. 

There was a heated exchange between the groups before the camera cuts to black.

Protesters vow that despite the shootings, their demonstrations will continue.  

On Wednesday, protesters held an “emergency rally” as Jamar Clark was being laid to rest.  

The family requested no protests during the funeral, but the group says they aren’t going anywhere “until they get Justice for Jamar.”