Business Group Pushes for Parking Changes

Superior Street Parking An Issue Again

A group of local businesses is asking the city to re-evaluate a parking system they say puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

The Lincoln Park Business Group is asking the Duluth Parking commission to consider removing parking meters that line Superior St., in the Neighborhood’s commercial center.

Lincoln Park Business Group President, Garner Moffat says the meters have a place in busy areas where they promote turnover amongst customers, but in slower areas like Lincoln Park prevent consumers from stopping. 

Moffat referenced the parking system in Canal Park changing seasonaly as one example.

Not every local business owner shares Moffat’s opinion on the meters.

Jack Carr said the meters have already been removed once.

According to Carr, the meters were replaced when local bar patrons and neighborhood residents began parking on the street, taking up spaces that would have been available to retail customers. 

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