Montessori School Lands $80K Eco-Friendly Grant

Grant Will Provide Outdoor Education, Too

There’s a lot of excitement right now for a small alternative school in Duluth that’s gotten a big eco-friendly grant.

The amount is $80,000 and the use goes strongly in line with the values of Montessori School of Duluth, as FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports.

There’s something a little alternative – a little holistic at Montessori School.

“There are plants that the children care for. We have a snack area. They wash their own dishes. Three-year-olds washing their own dishes without dropping them and creating a mess,” explained Daphne Amundson, principal at Montessori School of Duluth.

The school is small and private for children three through 12 — tucked away in the Hunter’s Park neighborhood.

“It’s quite, it’s cozy and our children really feel like this is a home,” Amundson said.

But don’t let the size food you, because Amundson believes something big is happening here.

“We were pumped. We were ecstatic. One of the parents who worked on this extensively said this is going to be rad. And so we agreed,” Amundson said of the acceptance of a grant.

The $80,000 eco-friendly grant from Enbridge is transforming the school’s property from a lot of cement to a whole lot of grass, rain gardens and a natural outdoor playground.

“Being more at peace after a healthy time outside. More cooperative, creative play during recess that will benefit the social dynamics in the classroom. Better health,” Amundson said.

And while the project will reduce the school’s environmental footprint, it will also start and exciting new chapter in the outdoor learning and exploring experience.

It’s an environmentally friendly investment that’s nurturing children to find the joy and inspiration of nature.

“They can have a ball and do what children are made to do with trees and rocks and sticks and using them safely — and really live out their childhood in the liveliest way,” said Amundson.

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