Businesses Cash In on Cyber Monday

Just as you thought Black Friday sales were coming to an end, Cyber Monday began. 

Nearly 30 million mobile shoppers were expected to save money right from the comfort of their own home. 

Both local and national companies are hoping to cash in with more sales by offering shoppers tons of online Cyber Monday savings. 

One local store, Duluth Pack, has been planning their sales since mid-summer and plans to help all their customers by giving them savings on their favorite products. 

“We’ve been planning it for about five or six months, we start planning in July or August for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. We decided, and know first of all our customers are going to come to our website and they except to find deals, that’s what everyone wants on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.,” said Ryan Hanson, Duluth Pack Sales Representative. 

Duluth Pack is offering bundles for the first time this year, which means they are bundling together a bunch of products and selling them at a discounted rate. 

Someone could save up to $500 on bundles this year, and this is more than just bags. 

.”We sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, everything as well, but we do find there is a huge push for made in the USA products, which we love, we think its fantastic people want to buy stuff that’s made here. As a result more people are coming to our website, buying our product and we couldn’t be happier,” said Hanson. 

On the corporate side of things, Best Buy had a huge Cyber Monday sale as well. 

With great deals on TV’s and cell phones, this is something you don’t want to miss out on. 

“We have been having people come in for high end TV’s like the 65 inch Sony’s the SUHD Samsung’s, those have been pretty hot this morning. I know we got a lot of good cell phone deals going on right now like a $200 gift card with the IPhone trade in. So we got a lot of good deals everywhere,” said Kyle Powers. 

Best Buy does have an in-store pick-up option, which allows customers to buy an item online and then go to the store and pick it up. 

This can save on shipping costs and allows customers to get hands on with their product before taking it home.

 “As far as Cyber Monday, most of that will go until midnight with the website. We’re only open until 9PM in the store so we can honor them up to this. I know we are doing price matches with other company’s Cyber Monday deals, so if there is anything people will see elsewhere we typically honor that in store, but as long as were open we will honor those kind of deals today,” said Powers. 

With only hours until Cyber Monday ends, get to a computer and check out those deals. 

According to USA Today, Cyber Monday sales have increased by roughly $100 million dollars each year since 2005. 

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