KYN: Blue Wave On The Bay

A new building in Ashland is catching some attention of people who drive by.
It’s called Blue Wave on the Bay, and it’s this week’s Knowing your Neighbors.

The family owned business is deeply invested in the community.

“Both my parents and sets of grandparents are from this area, so we have strong family ties to the region,” said Brian Hagstrom, the owner’s son who designed the interior and exterior of the building with a nautical theme, which makes it a perfect fit along the Chequamagon Bay.

“It’s a multi-use building. It has three businesses in it, a restaurant, coffee shop, Solstice Outdoors — which has rentals and items for sale too — and five high-end hotel rooms on the upper level with excellent lake views,” Hagstrom said.

Hagstrom says it was a group effort to make this project a reality.

“I started from sketches and went all the way through construction management and involved a lot of different people in the community, so it was truly a community project,” Hagstrom said.

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