Gov. Dayton Proposes $15 Million to Tackle Racial Disparities

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is pressing the Legislature to spend $15 million to tackle racial disparities throughout the state. 

In the letter, Dayton stresses for lawmakers to help reduce the economic disparities that people of color, specifically black people, face throughout the state. 

Dayton says the poverty rate for Black Minnesotans has increased from 30.5 percent to 34.7 percent. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau,  the median income for black Minnesotans fell by 14 percent, dropping from $31,493 to $27,440 a year.  

Dayton urged a Special Session to address this, and asked for a $15 million investment to improve the social and economic future for people of color in Minnesota. 

The governor does not have a specific proposal on how to divide the funds, but says he will visit communities to determine those with the most need. 

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