It Was A Weather Tale of Two Cities

Snow Accumulation Varies Multiple Inches

The storm that swept across the Northland Monday night and Tuesday morning left two very different wakes.

Within the city limits of Duluth and Superior, some areas received less than an inch of accumulation while others received up to five inches.

Lake Superior’s still relatively warm waters effected air temperatures and prevented rain from turning to snow in the areas around the shore. 

Snow accumulations grew further away from the lake.

Areas north, south, and west of the Twin Ports saw between three and nine inches of accumulation from the latest storm system.

Barbara Lokken decided to celebrate the first day of her retirement by driving to Duluth from Minneapolis to photograph the lake during the storm, but she was disappointed to find the lack of snow.

Lokken found solace in the waves and spray along Canal Park and said she planned to travel inland to view the snow.

Phil Pechek has lived in Duluth for 30 years and spent Tuesday afternoon clearing snow from his driveway on Arlington Avenue.

Pechek said he feels Tuesday’s weather is typical for Duluth in early winter.

“It’s that time of year when the it’s warmer by the lake,” he said. 

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