Chisolm Film Studio Ready To Roll

Studio Will Host First Production In February

Chisolm will soon be host to a feature film crew.

Ironbound Studios Minnesota held a formal ribbon cutting in their newly renovated studio and soundstage, Thursday.

Ironbound C.E.O., Jerry Seppal handled the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Seppal told the assembled crowd of more than 50 people the goal of the studio is to create jobs and bolster the economy on the range.

Seppal later stated that the State of Minnesota estimates for every dollar spent making a film, eight dollars are created in the economy.

Getting the studio off the ground required investments totaling around $3.5 million, but the economic benefit should be much higher, and immediate.  

Ironbound’s first film is already slated for February, with a $5 million budget.

If the math holds up that should create $40 million for the economy on the range.

That film will be be based on the computer game, The Legend of Grimrock.  

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