Denfeld’s Reinertsen Deals with Change of Scenery

Senior Forward Played at Lakeview Christian Until This Season

As a junior, Eva Reinertsen scored her 1,000th career point for Lakeview Christian Academy, the first Lion girl to reach that milestone.  However, a lack of players forced Lakeview to suspend its program this year, leaving Eva without a team mere weeks before the start of her senior season.

“It was in the middle of October,” recalls Reinertsen.  “Close to the season, we had like four weeks left.  It was hard, I was sad.  I loved playing at Lakeview, it was a great experience.  I love my coach and all my teammates.”

The Marshall School and Denfeld were potential destinations, but because Eva is home–schooled, her choice was limited to the Hunters.  But that’s ok with Eva.

“I was really excited to get the opportunity to come and play here,” said Reinertsen. “It’s AAA, so it’s better competition.  Playing with some really good girls here too, so that will be fun.”

Denfeld coach Adair Ballavance had some concerns adding a player so close to the start of the season.

“The big thing is I wanted it to be comfortable for her,” said Ballavance.  “This is a very close knit team that’s played together, some of them, for six, seven years.  Yet when she came in, everybody was very excited.  They were nervous, she was nervous, I was nervous.  But after about two days of practice, they’ve gelled very well.”

“I didn’t want to disrupt what they had, but they’ve been really great,” added Reinertsen.

Her new teammates have rolled out the welcome mat and Eva wants to repay them by helping the Hunters win.

“I’m hoping that we can have a great season,” said Reinertsen.  “We have a lot of talented players; we’re going to work really hard.”

Her new coach has been impressed with the way Eva handled a difficult situation and transitioned from Lion to Hunter.

“Eva has come in with a lot of grace, she’s a very humble person,” said Ballavance.  “She hasn’t come in saying this is my team, I’m here now.  She has really tested the waters and done a fantastic job of coming in with humility.  I appreciate that and look forward to working with her this whole year.”

While unexpected, the change of scenery may work out for both Eva, and for Denfeld.

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