Expert: 12-year-old Killed by Cleveland Cop Had Hands in his Pockets

An expert hired by the family of a 12-year-old boy shot to death by a Cleveland Police officer last year says the boy’s hands were in his pockets when he was shot and he was not reaching for the pellet gun he was carrying. 

Shooting reconstruction expert Jesse Wobrock, came to the conclusion after reviewing a frame-by-frame depiction of the surveillance video showing the shooting of Tamir Rice in November of 2014.

Wobrock also says Officer Timothy Loehmann opened fire within one second of opening his squad car door. 

Officer Loehmann, and his training officer, Frank Garmback, both said in their accounts of the incident that they ordered the boy to show his hands.  They said Rice was reaching for what happened to be a toy gun in his waistband before they opened fire. 

Wobrock says the officer’s accounts contradict the video, saying that the boy’s hands never come out of his jacket pocket. 

A grand jury will determine whether the officers involved in Rice’s death will face charges. 


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