Marcus Theaters Goes Dark For Good in Superior

Superior Value Cinema Showed Final Movie Sunday

With the building lease expiring this year, the Superior Value Cinema went through a review, and the decision was made by Marcus Theaters to close the doors of that theater for good.

A couple weeks ago, employees Mariner Mall theater location were shocked when they received letters in the mail informing them that they would not be working at that location for much longer.

The move left many employees surprised and saddened, but many will stay together.

“It’s a bummer, I love working here.  I love the coworkers, we have a tight knit family here. So it’s kind of sad to see it go but a lot of us are actually transferring up to Duluth, so we’re bringing the family up there,” said Terrell Tigerwong, employee at the theater.

There were also people who were not surprised by the decision to pull the plug on the location.

“It was already on its way, the prices went down and then they went down again, then they were three dollars, just kind of seemed like it was coming,” said Alex Jardin, a lifelong customer.

The company came to the decision because of the large investment they would have to make into digital projection technology.

The attendance of the cinema didn’t support the investment — and although attendance was low, there will be plenty of families that will miss the mall theater.

“This is one of the only places where you can have family fun for a reasonable price so it’s kind of a bummer to see them all upset,” said Tigerwong.

The employees were offered a transfer to other locations, something many employees and customers will take advantage of.

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