Duluth-Superior Foundation Looks to Close Opportunity Gap

DSACF launches opportunity gap initiative

The opportunity gap refers to the difference between opportunities available to children based on their background and economic status.

The Community Foundation received a $1.5 million grant that they will use for this particular project.

This will hopefully give children a fair start no matter their background.

“The first piece of it is leveling the playing field so that students have the same set of opportunities early on so that they can get on the right path,” said Kevin Breen from Marshall School.

To achieve this, the foundation has completed the first step of the initiative by selecting a committee. This committee will conduct interviews and research to try and understand the gab locally.

The project has a life of over three years to attempt to expand and strengthen bonds between people to attempt to close this gap.

“We need to think of our children as all the children in Duluth/Superior region and not just the children of a school, a particular neighborhood, or a particular team.”

The ultimate goals of this project are to improve parenting, education and community connections for poor children and families.

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