St. Luke’s Dietitian Gives Holiday Health Tips

Healthy Holiday Eating

With holiday parties in full swing, staying on the healthy bandwagon can be tough.

Brenda Schwerdt, a St. Luke’s Registered Dietitian, stopped by FOX Sunrise to give some tips on staying on track.

Her first tip is to “plan ahead.”

She says the best way to do this is to eat smaller and lighter meals during the day, so you can indulge a little at the party. However, she says don’t starve yourself because then there is a good chance you will overeat at the party. 

Her second tip is “don’t deny  yourself.”

Schwerdt warns if you deny yourself a holiday treat, it’s likely you will eat many of that treat at a different time. She also explains you can eat something you usually wouldn’t if you eat light at other times. 

Her third tip is “don’t set yourself up for failure.”

By this, Schwerdt means don’t stand right next to the snack table at a party. Place yourself on the other side of the room, or involve yourself in an activity. 

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