Prank Phone Call Prompts Heavy Officer Response in Washburn Co.

A prank phone call regarding a school bus shooting prompted a large police presence in Washburn County on Thursday. 

Numerous calls were made from what sounded like kids to Washburn County Dispatch around 3:15 Thursday afternoon.   After numerous attempts by dispatchers and through the 911 recordings, police determined that the caller stated that  ‘the school bus driver was going crazy and killing kids.” 

Authorities could not pinpoint the exact location of the call but knew it was in the general direction of County K and A near Spooner Elementary and High School. 

Many officers attempted to locate the scene of the alleged shooting, only to find out it was a prank call, which could have ended in tragic results. 

The officers were traveling at a high rate of speed in a congested area with school buses and cars around while school was just getting out. 

Police have recorded the calls and officers and school officials are trying to determine the identity of the callers.  

Sheriff Terry Dryden says it appears to a girl and a boy who called. 

Anyone with information on the prank call is asked to contact the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office at 715-468-4700 and ask for Deputy Shafer.  

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