New Car Insurance Law to go in Effect Jan. 1 in Minnesota

Minnesotans who are registering, renewing license tabs or transferring ownership of cars will have to provide insurance information under a new law that takes effect on January 1. 

The Minnesota Legislature changed state law during the 2015 session to require insurance information for vehicle registration. 

Prior to the change, the law required owners to attest that the car was covered by insurance during the registration process. 

The specific policy information, however, was not required at the time. 

Under the new law, car owners will have to provide the name of the insurance company, policy number and expiration date of the policy. 

The Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division is notifying vehicle owners of the requirement on all 2016 renewal notices.  Some of those notices are being mailed out this month. 

Customers will be asked to provide their insurance information when applying online, in person, and by mail.  If a customer fails to provide the information, DVS will contact them and require the information be returned within 30 days. 

Minnesota lawmakers changed the law at the recommendation of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Task Force in an effort to reduce the number of people driving without insurance.  

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