St. Louis County Board Approves 2016 Budget

The St. Louis County Board has approved its 2016 budget of $358,733,410. 

The budget includes no change in the levy.   This means that there will be a decrease in the county portion of property tax statements for residents and business owners. 

The property tax levy will remain at $116.6 million, the same as it was last year. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, only eight counties in the state were able to hold their levy at a zero percent increase.  The statewide average in many counties saw a 3.7 percent increase. 

The County Board made it a priority throughout the year to work toward a zero levy increase while not cutting services.  They did so through a combination of managing expenses, including a decrease in the debt service levy; while maximizing other revenues

The board unanimously approved the budget during it’s final meeting of the year Tuesday in Duluth. 

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