Vikings Announce February Winter Fest

Vikings get kids active while promoting winter fest.

The kids over at Myers–Wilkens elementary got a special guest in town when EJ Henderson took over their school gym today.

The former Viking’s linebacker was there to interact with the kids and get them moving.

“Health and fitness, i’m going to use a play 60 activity, get the kids moving get them active during the school day so hopefully when they go back to class they’ll be fresh,” said Henderson.

Duluth is always a worthy place to visit for the Vikings.

“Sometimes the farther we get away from Minneapolis–St. Paul the more excited the kids are. So it’s one to remind kids to get some exercise to get out and play and two it’s just to connect the vikings with our fan base,” said Lester Bagley, executive vice president of public affairs and stadium development.

And all of those fans are why the Vikings will be back February 19th for the first Polaris-Vikings winter fest.

“i think it will be a great event in a few months, we’ll have another youth football clinic for a younger group and an older group so i think that’ll be fun for the community once again to be a part of a great event that’s raising funds for a great cause the vikings children’s fund,” said Henderson.

The three day event will also include current and former players, and they hope to make it an annual one.

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