Miller-Dwan Foundation Gives Reminder of Suicide Resources

Northland Sees Uptick in Suicides

Thursday morning representatives from the Miller-Dwan Foundation and Essentia Health stopped by FOX Sunrise to talk about a recent uptick in suicides in the Northland. 

Traci Marciniak, president of the Miller-Dwan Foundation, and Lainie Janke, clinical supervisor, said they wanted to be sure everyone knows there is help available if they need it. 

Janke says some symptoms to look for are, “pervasive hopelessness, a desire to want to die, a rapid change in behavior, isolation, withdrawal.”


-Call NAMI: 218-723-0099

-Call Birch Tree Center: 218-623-1800

-Text “Life” to 61222

-Call Essentia Health: (218) 723-0099 or 1-800-720-3334

-Amberwing Center for Youth and Well-Being: 218-355-2100

-Call St. Luke’s Mental Health:  (218) 249-5326 inpatient and (218) 249-7000 outpatient

-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255

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