Price Tag Cut in Half for Northern Lights Express High Speed Rail

Plans for the high speed train between Duluth and the Twin Cities are chugging along. 

Officials with the Northern Lights Express Alliance announced the estimated $1 billion dollar price tag for the train has been cut in half. 

Coordinators say the project will now cost between $500-$600 million. 

The price cut is based on the rail running between Minneapolis and Duluth four times a day at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. 

The train is projected to bring more than $12 million a year in revenue, and have up to a million rides by 2040. 

“What we have determined is that we have a project that is cost effective to begin, cost effective to construct and over the long term will be an effective economic  engine that will help bring jobs to the entire corridor, especially up here in the Duluth area,” said Francis Loetterle, MNDot Project Manager. 

The project is undergoing an environmental and engineering review. 

Construction could start as soon as 2017 on the Northern Lights Express. 

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