VIDEO: City Councilors Call For Hagen To Apologize Or Resign

Superior City Councilors are asking for Mayor Bruce Hagen to retract controversial remarks he made about the President and First Lady on Facebook, or resign. 

Mayor Bruce Hagen’s message was in response to a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama. Hagen said, “Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of Democracy that was so very hard fought for.” 

City councilors Graham Garfield, Warren Bender, Esther Dalbec, Dan Olson and Denise McDonald are calling on him to apologize or step down. 

City councilor Graham Garfield told FOX 21 Monday night that a recall is not out of the question. However, that would be left up to the public.  

“I’m not saying he’s done anything criminal, but he’s certainly put his leadership capabilities in question,” said Garfield. 

Hagen told FOX 21 Monday night the comment was made in response to a friend’s comment. 

Hagen said he was exercising his freedom of speech. 

“Do we still have freedom of speech in the country? Sometimes I kind of forget,” said Hagen. 

Hagen says he doesn’t know if he regrets writing the comment, but he stands by what he wrote.  

“I have huge respect for the Office of the President, but no respect for the current administration,” said Hagen. 

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