CDC Investigating More E. Coli Cases Linked to Chipotle

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating more recent cases of E.Coli linked to Chipotle.  

The agency says they don’t know yet if the cases are linked to a larger outbreak that began at the end of October. 

The CDC says so far five people have been identified in the new outbreak, including one in Kansas and North Dakota and three in Oklahoma. 

The illnesses started between November 18 and November 26, and all five said they ate at Chipotle the week before they got sick. 

For the larger outbreak, the most recent case was reported on November 10. 

Chipotle voluntarily closed the doors to 43 of it’s restaurants following the major outbreak.   The outbreak was linked to restaurants in Washington state and Oregon. 

Eight people were hospitalized as a result of the outbreak.  

Chipotle said it is implementing new standards to ensure food safety. 

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