Dept. of Homeland Security: MN Driver’s Licenses Not Acceptable to Enter Federal Facilities

The Department of Homeland Security has denied an extension request by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to comply with REAL ID standards. 

The denial means that Minnesota driver’s licenses are not an acceptable form of identification at federal facilities that require identification to enter. 

In a letter sent to Governor Dayton, the DHS says Minnesota has not provided adequate justification for continued noncompliance with the REAL ID standards.

The letter states that as the DHS continues to enforce the REAL ID Act, the consequences of noncompliance “grow with each milestone.”   As of October 10, 2015, military bases and almost all federal facilities may accept state driver’s licenses or ID cards for access only if the document is issued by a REAL ID-compliant state or one that received an extension. 

Meanwhile, for the time being, Minnesota driver’s licenses are still being accepted for domestic flights.  

The Department of Homeland Security expects to make a ruling on whether that will continue soon. 

The DHS says it will provide at least 120 days notice before a REAL ID is required to board a commercial airplane. 

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