Council Pres. Releases Statement About Mayor Hagen

As the president of the Superior City Council I am charged with significant leadership roles and also preside over City Council when the Mayor is absent.

Due to the attention that Mayor Bruce Hagen’s controversial Facebook comment has received, I feel it is important to clarify that I am not in support of his statement and that I have called for him to apologize.

Last night, without my knowledge, 5 council members appeared on local TV requesting the mayor apologize for his statement or resign. Some of seen my lack of presence as an indication that I was supportive of the mayor in his comments.

I would like to clarify that I am not in any way supporting the comments Bruce Hagan made and I do not share his opinions regarding the religion of the Obama family nor do I feel his blanket statement about the affects of the Obama administration are appropriate.

I have been in contact with the Mayor today and have urged him to apologize.

I would like the City Council and my community members to know that I am committed to preserving stable city government and repairing any divisions that may have been creating by this situation. Superior has always had a record of open and honest government and my highest priority is to support city administrators and keep the operations of the city functioning as normal. I do not wish to engage in divisive political discourse and would like to maintain the nonpartisan cooperative nature of city government.

Tom Fennessy
City Council President

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