Superior’s Mayor Issues Written Statement on Controversial Post

Superior's Mayor Says He Won't Resign

Mayor Bruce Hagen has found himself in the middle of a controversy since posting a comment on Facebook about President Obama and his wife.

In the post he called the President a Muslim.

Since then city councilors and other groups have been calling on him to apologize and/or resign.

Wednesday the mayor issued the following written statement in regards to his Facebook post:

The series of recent events regarding a Facebook statement by me have witnessed considerable feedback locally and beyond.

That is because I momentarily overlooked that I am not simply U.S. citizen Bruce Hagen.

I am also a citizen who has been elected to represent the people of Superior.

Unfortunately both intertwined.

My choice of words in responding to, what I believe to be insulting to me, may not have been versed well or to the liking of some.

However, I like any other citizen or public official have the unalienable right to speak and represent my beliefs through the First Amendment.

To retreat from the very freedoms that are guaranteed in the Constitution and for which many millions of men and women have fought to ensure, would be wrong and the continued attack on free speech.

Yes, this nation is divided like never before.

We all have our beliefs and mine is not one of being a racist.

It sickens me to believe that people actually think that.

Those that truly know me also know better.

My respect and support for the Office of The President is unwavering and always will be.

I just very much disagree with how the current occupant of the highest office in the land is conducting the business of this nation.

We need to stand firm and tall as a nation and I along with so many millions of Americans do not see that happening and fear for the consequences.

That is my personal and public belief.

President Obama is a good man.

However, I believe that his actions have not strengthened the nation or our position in the world.

So we need to agree to disagree as to the current leadership in our nation.

For those that are seeking my resignation from office, that is not going to happen.

The ballot box, in a free democratic society, is where the people exercise their preference of and for elected officials.

However, and as clearly stated in many prior remarks, I will never seek any further elected office.

For those that wish to repair any damages, I am all about that and will participate directly and openly.

This is the final statement that will be made by me on this topic.

I do not intend to debate or discuss it with the media other than what this statement provides.

Thank you for allowing me to make this statement.

Bruce C. Hagen

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