Three Dead in Ashland Double Murder-Suicide

Ashland police say three people are dead following a double-murder suicide Thursday. 

Police Captain Jim Gregoire says two females and a male are dead from apparent gun shot wounds. 

Gregoire says it appears the man shot the two women, ages 23 and 84, before turning the gun on himself.  

A neighbor went to the home on the 300 block of Willis Avenue late Thursday morning after hearing a disturbance, and that’s when the bodies were discovered. 

Police sent their tactical response team to the home and found no one alive in the residence.

Gregoire says initially there were rumors of a break-in and an assailant on the loose, but that evidence supports a double murder-suicide. 

Windows were busted out, but police say it was from more than a dozen shots fired inside the house. 

Police are still investigating a motive behind the shootings. 

Names of the victims are being withheld pending notification of family, which Gregoire says might be challenging.  

One of the victims is from outside of the country and police will have to go through federal agencies to reach her family, which are closed for the holidays.  

Police say, however, the three victims are family members. 

This is the first murder in Ashland this year. 

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