Downtown Cafe Brings Homemade Treats to Duluth

Lake Superior Bakehouse Is Less Than a Year Old

For bakery owner Katina Petsoulis, baking is an art form.

“I do all the baking,” she explains. “All the baking is my recipes. It’s completely from scratch.”

And having studied film and sculpture in college, she takes her artistic vision to the culinary arts at her bakery in downtown Duluth.

“For me, I like doing stuff with my hands, Petsoulis says. “I need to be working with my hands. Baking is really sculptural. So that came naturally.”

Lake Superior Bakehouse officially opened in early August.

It took over the spot on Superior Street that was formerly the coffee shop Jitters.

“My brother was really supportive and always was pushing me to do catering and wedding cakes and get Greek pastries in restaurants and stuff,” Petsoulis recalls. “When we heard about the Jitters situation, it just seemed like a really good opportunity.”

It was a good opportunity to move into a location people already knew.

Petsoulis says they even inherited a lot of the regulars from Jitters.

And the Bakehouse kept some of the same coffee, although it’s a little stronger now.

Katina says her young business benefits from its location, which is in the heart of downtown.

“In the summertime it was really great, because we got people coming from the downtown farmers’ market,” she says. “There were generally more people out and about. I feel the tourist season was a little bit extended this year.”

Petsoulis says she was encouraged by her brother to use their Greek heritage to their advantage.

Learning the traditional recipes and modifying them to her own flair – it’s the secret ingredient to what she hopes is a successful first year.

“Everything is made in small batches,” Petsoulis says. “It’s just done with so much care and love that I don’t think you can really get that anywhere else.”

So if you like a locally-roasted cup of joe, or a pastry like you’ve probably not tried before, just walk down the sidewalk in downtown Duluth, the Bakehouse is always looking for new faces.

Lake Superior Bakehouse is open in downtown Duluth Monday through Saturday.

Owner Katina Petsoulis says she will take special order requests for baked goods, as long as you call in advance.

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