Lawsuit filed over Minneapolis Precinct Protests

Two women have filed a lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis after they say two officers hit them in the face with nightsticks during the protests outside of the Fourth police precinct. 

Plaintiff Carrie Athanasselis says she and her daughter, Camille Williams, were struck as police tried to move protesters in an alley outside of the precinct. 

The Star Tribune reports the lawsuit claims an officer grabbed Williams’ cellphone as she tried to record the incident, threw it on the ground, and hit it with a nightstick. 

The federal lawsuit alleges excessive use of force by the police and free speech violations.  

The city, in an initial response, says the women did not comply with orders to move. 

Demonstrators were camped outside of the Fourth Precinct for 18 days protesting the death of Jamar Clark, who was shot and killed by police on November 15. 

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