Superior Mayor Apologizes for Muslim Comment

Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen has issued an apology for controversial remarks on Facebook calling the President a Muslim. 

Hagen posted on Facebook in response to a photo of Michelle Obama saying “Unbelievable! She and her Muslim partner have destroyed the fabric of Democracy that was so very hard fought for.”

In a letter printed in the Superior Telegram, Hagen called his reference to the President being a Muslim a “poor choice of words in a moment of anger.” 

Hagen apologized to the Muslim community for being insensitive

He says he “has zero ill will, disrespect or animosity toward the Muslim religion.”

Hagen stands by his comment, however, saying it was “intended to shed light on the resistance of President Obama, and lack of leadership qualities to stand up for America against the world’s enemies.” 

He asked for the City of Superior to accept his apology and pledged that he will continue to be “mindful and respectful of all  citizens.” 

Hagen and Superior City Councilors have accepted an invitation to meet with Muslim community leaders at a dinner this weekend at the Islamic Center of the Twin Ports mosque. 

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