The Beacon Lit At The Duluth Bethel

Light Lit For The First Time in Around 50 Years

The Beacon on the top of the Duluth Bethel Building has been turned off for about 50 years, but today it was re-lit for the first time in decades.  

The light was used to guide people to the center, and sailors into the Duluth Harbor. Eventually the light went out and wasn’t repaired for years, though no one is sure why.  Finally the Bethel decided to light the beacon again to celebrate the new year.

“Our intent here today our reason to be here today is to relight that light as a beacon of hope to the community, and to let the community know a little awareness of what Bethel does,” said Dennis Cummings, the Executive Director of Duluth Bethel. 

The Duluth Bethel provides treatment for chemical dependency, and takes part in community corrections programs, including community based alternatives to incarceration. 

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