Esko’s Adam Trapp Accepting New Leadership Role

7'2" Sophomore Stepping in to Big Role with Eskomos

Basketball is a sport enjoyed by many. But for some it goes beyond the domaine casual sport and develops into a lifelong passion. For Esko’s Adam Trapp, basketball is in his blood.

“I’ve been doing it since second grade. It’s been something I’ve always really loved. So I’ve continued playing throughout my entire life, it’s something that was always in our family. So I’ve always liked playing it because it’s something our family enjoyed doing, and it’s something I enjoy doing.”

Adam is only a sophomore in High School, but is already getting a taste of the recruiting process, something he knows, is to be cherished. 

“Yeah it’s definitely a blessing. Really it’s a lot of fun going through the recruiting process. Seeing all these people who think you’re a good basketball player and seeing all your hard work pay off it’s the most rewarding part of it.”

For athletes destined for the next level, a long term plan is essential. Something Head Coach Mike Devney has been sure to implement. 

“I think the main thing is right now through the next three years is to be as productive as he can, we need to keep him healthy. If we do all those things, come his junior and senior year it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

But most important to Adam is his teammates,and the special bond that comes with being an Esko Eskomo.

“It’s really fun being on an Esko team, because we win a lot of games, and we lose some too, but it’s those games that we lose that we learn and the games that we win that we have fun in. So it’s a lot of fun.”

Being on a team is more than fun and games. Its means fulfilling a role, and competing to benefit the collective whole.

“Now I realized, well, we lost some offensive threats this year and now I need to become one of those offensive threats, and I’ve just kinda played into that role now.”

Adam’s new role on the court has been noticed by players and coaches alike, and they’re excited to see where his path leads. 

“Each game he seems to be making just a little bit bigger steps towards being an aggressive dominant player, hopefully by tournament time this year we’ll be looking at some good things from him.”

Wherever the road leads, Adam is keeping a good perspective, fulfilling his role, and doing his best to position this team, for another successful season.

“Winning is always fun, but it’s just the family aspect of the team. We’re all a really big family…”

“No doubt he makes a big difference for us.”

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