President Obama announces Gun Control Action

President Barack Obama unveiled executive measures Tuesday aimed at tightening gun control. 

The measures include expanding background checks on gun sales.  

Obama calls the proposals “common-sense safety measures.”

However, gun lobbyists and some Republicans say Obama wants to make buying guns nearly impossible.

Contrary to their claims, Obama said he is not plotting to take away everyone’s guns.

In addition to expanding the background check system, the administration is also expected to provide more funding for mental health treatment and adding more agents to the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. 

House Speaker Paul Ryan says no matter what unilateral action the President takes on gun control, “his words does not trump the second Amendment.”

The Wisconsin Republican said in a statement that Obama’s steps to expand background checks to cover more firearms will more than likely be challenged in court. 

Meanwhile, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called his executive actions “a crucial step forward on gun violence.”

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