Keeping Pets Safe When Temperatures Drop

Veterinarian gives tips on keeping pets safe in the cold.

All animals are different and that includes what kind of weather they enjoy or can even handle.

“Dogs like huskies that have thick coats are more than happy to lay out in colder weather and they’re not going to be cold what so ever, or smaller dogs like chihuahuas that are not equipped at all for our winters,” said Dr. Steve Schuder.

Schuder said the biggest concern for pets is getting frostbite on their feet, nose and ears. And prevention is simple, just use common sense.

“If you don’t want to go out with a short sleeved shirt don’t put your dog outside in a short sleeved shirt and leave him out there. They’re going to get cold just like you would get cold.” said Schuder.

Schuder also added if you have an outdoor animal be sure they have sufficient shelter so they can shield themselves.

On the other hand he said it’s important on the days the weather is mild to let your pets get some exercise outside

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