Powerball Hits $900 Million

It's the Biggest Jack Pot in History

The Powerball has reached 900 Million dollars and more and more people are sweetening the pot.

“Every other person coming in, buying a ticket,” said Tori Heidenrich, a shift leader at Super America. 

The cash value of the lottery is around $558 million dollars according to the Multi-State Lottery Association, and most people understand that the odds of winning are low, but even a slight chance of winning is enough motivation

The largest winning jackpot previously was in March of 2012 and was worth $656 million.

This time it’s hundreds of millions over that, and getting bigger  

People across the nation are talking about what they would do, if they won.

“I would get on a plane I would go travel and be half way around the world, that’s what I would do,” Heidenrich said.

But a lot of people say they would spend the money in a similar way

“I’d help my family, whoever needs it, my parents would probably get a lot of it,” said Jenny Caffoe.

The winning numbers will be announced at 10:59 PM tonight, Eastern Time.

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