Duluth City Council Sets 2016 Legislative Priorities

Monday Marks First City Council Meeting Of The Year

The Duluth City Council is gathering to set resolutions for priorities for the 2016 legislative session.

The preservation and maintenance of the state’s existing assets will be emphasized, but according to the city council, the number one priority is to get the steam plant’s hot water conversion project fully funded.

“We’re asking for $21 million dollars from the state to match $21 million dollars off of local funds to complete that project,” said Zack Filipovich, the newly elected president of the Duluth City Council. 

The project will convert the steam plant to a closed-loop hot water system

Filipovich says the council is requesting $1.9 million in matching funds for the restoration of the Lake Superior Zoo infrastructure damaged by the flood in 2012, and advocating for other regional projects like the revitalization of Glensheen Mansion. 

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