Duluth Projects Advance in Knight Cities Challenge

Finalists Announced for Knight Cities Challenge

Three Duluth Projects are still in the running for the Knight Cities Challenge.

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Tuesday announced 158 finalists, including 3 in Duluth, in the second annual Knight Cities Challenge a national call for ideas to make the 26 communities where Knight invests more vibrant places to live and work.

Open to innovators of all types, the Knight Cities Challenge asked applicants to answer the question: What’s your best idea to make cities more successful?

More than 4,500 applicants from across the country answered the call proposing a range of ideas.

Submissions came from many nonprofit and government organizations, as well as design experts, urban planning organizations and individuals focused on making their cities more successful.

Each of the ideas focuses on one or more of three drivers of city success:

1) Talent: Ideas that help cities attract and keep the best and brightest;
2) Opportunity: Ideas that expand economic prospects and break down divides;
3) Engagement: Ideas that spur connection and civic involvement.

Winners, who will receive a share of $5 million, will be announced in spring 2016.

The following ideas are among the finalists for Duluth:

Industrial PARK by Design Duluth Collaborative/University of Minnesota Twin Cities (submitted by Brian Olsen): Creating a vibrant and profitable waterfront by improving connections between trails and open spaces along the St. Louis River corridor and to the community of Irving.

Opening the Can of Worms (submitted by Katie Loecken): Developing vibrant public spaces between Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, and adjacent communities and the riverfront to promote business development, increase activity and better connect a previously isolated area to the rest of the city.

Wheels that Lived to Move (submitted by Sharon Young): Providing artistic, refurbished road bikes at bus stops to generate either music or heat (in the winter) through pedaling.

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