Duluth Database

A New Online Tool Brings Insight to Duluth Neighborhoods

Minnesota compass will be adding the city of Duluth to their online program… Where anyone is able to look up geographical data. 

Duluth will be the first Minnesota community, outside of the Twin Cities, to be added to the database.

Anyone will be able to choose a predefined area, or draw a custom area.

They then will be able to look up income, employment, education, age, health, race, household makeup and much more for that area.

This information will allow policy makers, non–profit organizations and interested community members the chance to get a better understanding of what is going on in our neighborhoods.

Erik Torch, Director of Grantmaking at Northland Foundation says, “This type of information because it’s primarily census data is widely available, but it can be very difficult to access on anything smaller than a city level.”

One benefit of the project is that it allows anyone access to this information in a user friendly format. Making it a very useful tool for would–be developers and the city as it prioritizes projects.

Erik Torch then says, “This data will go live on Friday, although there is some information that is currently available, you can go to mncompass.org, that’s the Minnesota website that the Wilder foundation hosts.”

The Northland Foundation provided $20,000 in funding to bring this website to Duluth. Other organizations that helped with funding include Duluth Superior Community Foundation, the City of Duluth, the Ordean Foundation, and United Way.

If the Duluth launch goes smoothly, other cities will likely follow suit.

There have already been conversations with St. Cloud, Rochester, and the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board.

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