Airport Taxi and Hotel Shuttle Fees

Airport to reconsider new taxi fees

A new permit fee on taxis might hit the brakes at the Duluth International Airport.

Taxi companies want to see a change in the new fees applied to them this year.

As the new fee stands currently, each company pays a permit fee of $500 for their first vehicle and two hundred for each additional car. 

The fees only apply to those vehicles required to use the airport’s commercial lane.

Taxi companies have paid the fees before, but this is the first year it will be implemented for hotel shuttles.

Even though public meetings on the issue were held last year, the policy will once again go before the Duluth Airport Authority Board.

“Our intention is for this to work very well, not only for the airport authority but for the customers and the companies that are using it from a commercial standpoint,” said Natalie Peterson, marketing director for the airport.

The airport wants to stress safety for its customers when the commercial and passenger lanes fill up with arrivals and departures.

The board says they will take a wait and see approach for the next thirty to sixty days before implementing the fees.

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