KYN: Anglers Bar and Grill

Going Strong Since 1977

In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors, we look at a family owned bar and grill that’s been going strong since 1977. 

In Hayward, Anglers Bar and Grill is a restaurant where you can get drinks, eat a variety of different foods and even go bowling.

Before the Fuller brothers owned Anglers, the bar and grill was owned by the Johnson brothers, from the 1930s to the 1970s.

It’s even said that during prohibition, some of the most notorious gangsters would come to Anglers because of the speakeasy in the basement.

Brian Fuller, owner of Angler’s Bar and Grill says, “Al Capone and some of the mobsters from Chicago used to hang around Hayward and they would freak with this place. So it has a real good history.” 

Anglers’ menu varies widely from Mexican entrees to homemade pizza and of course burgers.

“We just kind of want to match the menu to the atmosphere of the place, which is more pub and grub, we didn’t try to do anything to elaborate. More burgers, pizza, ribs, steak sandwiches, something like causal dinning but just tried to keep it simple,” Fuller told us. 

Anglers is also known for all the taxidermy on the walls. At one point, the restaurant was even nicknamed Museum of the Northwoods.

“People from Chicago, Milwaukee, loved to see all this taxidermy in here,” Brian Fuller said.

What is very unique about this bar and grill is that there is four lane bowling alley attached. The bowling alley used to have leagues, but now is used mostly for recreational fun.

Brian Fuller explained, “The kids love it on rainy days in the summer, on the weekends it does enhance the business, especially in the winter time when there is less to do around here.” 

Anglers Bar and Grill has daily specials and daily homemade soup specials, plenty of craft beers, and Wisconsin brewed beers on draft.

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