Ashland Police Searching for Stabbing Suspects

Ashland Police are searching for suspects after a 46-year-old man was robbed and stabbed Tuesday night.

Police responded to Memorial Medical Center’s Emergency Room around 11 Tuesday night for a stabbing victim. 

The man told police that he agreed to meet a female earlier in the night to borrow her money.   When the two met at Maslowski Beach, the female instead robbed him of the money and ran to a van parked nearby. 

The man chased her, trying to get his money back.  Three people in the van attempted to pull the female in, while the victim attempted to stop her.  

Police say that’s when the people inside of the van got out and attacked the man. 

One person then stabbed him in the back and leg. 

The suspects then got back into the van and drove away, running over the victim’s foot. 

The Ashland Police Department and other law enforcement agencies attempted to locate the suspects, but were unsuccessful. 

Authorities say they have active leads in the investigation and will be allocating the full resources of the department to solve the case.

The victim was treated for multiple stab wounds to his back, hand and leg. 

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