City of Duluth Hosts Downtown Career Fair

Career Fair Allows Face-to-Face Meetings With Employers

In today’s job market, finding a job and staying employed can be a real struggle.

But for those seeking employment, a job fair might be just the ticket.

Enter Duluth’s Workforce Development, hosting a job fair at their Workforce Center downtown early Monday morning. 

The career fair allowed job seekers to meet face to face with potential employers at a number of businesses around the area.

“It’s a great way to ask those questions that you can’t always find the answers to on your own, and to really find out not only what [employers] are looking for, but maybe what needs are upcoming,” said Employment Technician Betsy Hill.

It was also an opportunity for people to get advice on interviews, and critiques on building their résumés.

“It’s important to consider what your transferrable skills are,” Hill said. “It’s hard to know what that is unless you hear right from an employer about what they’re looking for.”

The job fair concluded with a question and answer session between job seekers and human resources experts

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